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Root Canal Treatment At The Cosmetic Dental Spa

At The Cosmetic Dental Spa, we are dedicated to employing cutting-edge technology to ensure the success and predictability of our root canal treatments. Leveraging our state-of-the-art equipment, such as our rotary instrumentation, we can conduct root canal procedures with precision and confidence, typically completed in 1-3 visits.

Endodontic treatment, often referred to as a “Root Canal Treatment,” is a specialised procedure designed to address infected teeth with deceased or decaying nerves.

Root Canal

How Is Root Canal Treatment Performed?

If a tooth is left unattended, it can lead to severe discomfort or health risks due to infection. Common causes of a root canal infection include:

  • Deep decay
  • Trauma to the tooth
  • Cracks or chips in the tooth
  • Occasionally, the cause may be unknown.

Your dentist will first determine whether you require a root canal treatment or an extraction. If a root canal is necessary, the procedure unfolds as follows: a small hole is carefully drilled into the tooth (usually on the crown for molars and at the back for front teeth) to access the root canal or canals of the affected tooth or teeth. This process is carried out under local anesthesia and is pain-free. 

Our dentists employ specialised endodontic instruments, commonly referred to as rotary files, which are placed in the root canal chamber to meticulously remove the infected nerve. The root chamber is cleaned and disinfected. An antibiotic solution is then introduced into the nerve chamber to eliminate any remaining bacteria.

Following this, the root chamber is filled with a dense rubbery material called gutta-percha to minimize the risk of future reinfection. The tooth is subsequently sealed using two layers of filling materials to ensure a secure seal, prevent leakage, and ensure the success of the root canal treatment.

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Experience personalized dental excellence in Hurstville, Sydney. Our skilled team delivers tailored treatments to suit your needs, ensuring your oral health and satisfaction.

Root Canal

Common Symptoms You Might Experience

  • Pain and Swelling
  • Prolonged Sensitivity to Hot or Cold
  • Tenderness upon Chewing or Touch
  • Discoloration of the Tooth
  • Pus Drainage
  • Tenderness in the Lymph Nodes

Why Choose The Cosmetic Dental Spa For Your Root Canal Treatment?

Reasons To Choose Us For Root Canal Treatment (RCT):

  1. Expertise And Experience: Our dentists have undergone comprehensive training and have years of experience in endodontic treatments, ensuring your RCT is conducted with the highest precision.

  2. Advanced Diagnostic Tools: We utilise cutting-edge imaging and diagnostic equipment, guaranteeing precise assessments and specific treatments.

  3. Patient-Centric Approach: Your comfort and understanding are paramount. We detail the procedure thoroughly, address all queries, and provide sedation options suited to your level of comfort.

  4. Efficient Procedures: Our streamlined method ensures that the RCT is completed in as few visits as possible, minimising your time at the clinic and any associated discomfort.

  5. Affordability And Transparency: Our pricing is clear-cut with no hidden charges. We also provide various payment options and liaise with numerous insurance providers.

  6. Cutting-Edge Technology: From rotary endodontic instruments to state-of-the-art sealing materials, we harness the most recent dental innovations for a more effective and enduring RCT.

  7. Comfortable Environment: Our surgery is crafted with patient ease in mind. From the calming atmosphere to rooms dedicated to post-procedure care, every aspect is geared towards a relaxed experience.

  8. Follow-Up And Aftercare: We are proponents of comprehensive care. Following RCT, we arrange check-ups to monitor your recovery and promptly address any minor complications.

  9. Accessible And Convenient: Thanks to flexible appointment schedules and a centrally located clinic, we ensure our services are easy for patients to access.

  10. Emergency Support: Should you have any post RCT issues, our team is on hand to provide immediate advice and assistance, ensuring you’re never left unsupported.

By opting for us for your Root Canal Treatment, you’re not merely selecting a procedure; you’re committing to peace of mind, top-tier care, and a dedicated team that remains with you every step of your dental journey.

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Experience personalized dental excellence in Hurstville, Sydney. Our skilled team delivers tailored treatments to suit your needs, ensuring your oral health and satisfaction.


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